We are Thankful!


We are so thankful to have been very busy this month. October featured the Fall Parade of Homes that went really well for Sharp Homes. We have been extra busy the last 4-6 weeks as we come to year end. In past years the winter months are a bit slower for new construction but we are putting new basements in the ground faster than ever! We are also working diligently to get our current new homes as far along as possible before Winter weather strikes, especially on the exteriors. All of this in addition to our normal end of year paperwork has kept everyone in the field and the office consistently busy.

As we do near Thanksgiving (Just over a week away!) we do take time to reflect on all that we are thankful for this past year, both personally and on the job. There is so much for all of us to be thankful for, no doubt, but in particular here at Sharp Homes we cannot thank our homeowners and business partners enough. Without these two groups of people we could not exist! Our homeowners continue to choose us as their builder and their kind words and referrals are our best advertising and highest praise for our dedication to high quality homes built by the area’s top craftsman and back by world class customer service. We are so thankful for the reputation they have helped us build over the past half decade.

Behind all of our luxurious, custom homes is a vast team of knowledgeable vendors and subcontractors that help us turn your dreams into a reality. Again we cannot thank these individuals enough for meeting our high expectations when it comes to building your new home. Without their combined years of experience, innovations, and personal attention to detail our homes would not be the Pinterest quality gems you see today.

Throughout this year we have also been so thankful for relatively favorable weather and a consistent slate of work in which to complete our homes. We have been able to enter into a few new neighborhoods and, with new models and spec homes, really be creative and innovative in our open floor plans, bonus rooms, and other creative uses of space. We have seen a continued push for flexible layouts with great views as well as a growing interest in farmhouse looking exteriors and gray/white interiors. We are glad to be able to bring these new ideas into the Wichita community and help to push the envelope for what is possible in design and decor.

Without a doubt, 2017 was another great year, and while their were setbacks and a few unfortunate circumstances out of our control – as there always seems to be – we are thankful for the experience and knowledge of everyone around us to help work through those bumps and help us continue to learn and adapt. That is probably true of our lives both at work and at home.

“There is always, always, always something to be thankful for. “
– Author Unknown ​