Wichita Rain Record

Rain Rain Go Away!


This time of year we know there are a lot of farmers and gardeners that look forward to a wet Spring to help their crops grow, but as is often said, sometimes too much of a good thing is bad! Several areas of the state, and especially other states to our South and East, have had way too much rain causing massive flooding issues. We have all been fairly lucky here in the Wichita area on the widespread floods, but April was still out third wettest on record.

As a builder, we like to have rain here and there to help settle backfill around foundations and subgrades under driveways and patios, but with the rain seeming to come every few days the last month or so, it has made it hard for anyone to get new basements or flatwork done! Once it does dry out a bit, us and every builder in town are trying to rush concrete trucks all over town. All part of the business, but one of the leading factors lately to slower production. As is typical of Kansas weather however, it will likely be too hot and too dry later in the year and we will all be asking for a bit of rain.