Get to Know Bruce Grinstead

Get to Know Bruce Grinstead

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Our employees are a big part of what we do and are key to our success. Sharp Homes would not be a thriving home builder in Wichita without them! We asked each member of our team to fill out a short survey so that we could share a bit more of their background, hobbies, and what they enjoy about their job.

Name: Bruce Grinstead

Title: Project Manager
Years Working for Sharp Homes: 9 Years

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor? Vanilla

Favorite Craig Sharp built home? 2118 Clear Creek in Reed’s Reserve. It was a fun project to work on and included a lot of unique features that really made it stand out. The Outdoor Living space and Master Bathroom were particularly breathtaking.

Best aspect of working at Sharp Homes? We all have fun building high quality homes.

If you could create the perfect homeowner to work with, what qualities would they have? Decisive! Providing feedback or asking questions during normal business hours is also a plus. Often our homeowners forget that we have a life and families outside of work just like they do. We want to be available and responsive to questions or changes, but most of the time those items can go in an email or wait until the following morning. For couples, it would be great if they talked together and made a decision before giving varying answers to us.

Which Sharp Homes floor plan is your favorite? The Magnolia, by far. I love the open concept plan and all of the cool features. It features a killer patio that is hard to beat as well.

What are your hobbies or interests when you’re away from work? Raising my kids and helping with sports takes up a lot of my time, especially with coaching. I also enjoy taking care of my horses and roping in rodeos.

What makes a Sharp Homes built home different than others? I feel like the biggest advantage to a Craig Sharp home – outside the visible quality of our homes – is the warranty. Craig and our team go above and beyond on our custom home to ensure the homeowner is satisfied with their new home. We want to make it right and take care of any potential issues right away. Having that backing behind the homes I build gives me pride in what we are offering and how we do business.

If you were going to build a new home today, and cost wasn’t a factor, what is one feature you would be sure to include? Definitely a large outdoor living area where I can relax and enjoy the outdoors with my family.

When considering building a new home, what is one aspect you wished every homeowner would think about ahead of time? I would want them to really think through their floor plan and how it flows as well as where all the detail items will go like switches, door swings, etc. to eliminate or reduce changes once we are underway. It also is a huge help if they have at least a theme or general idea on the selections so we can assist them in narrowing down their final choices.