Riverside Floor Plan Front Exterior

2017 International Builders Show


This past week, Craig and Brandon both attended the 2017 International Builders Show in sunny Orlando, Florida along with thousands of other builders, vendors, and suppliers from across the United States and the world. Along with hundreds of educational opportunities there were two convention centers worth of floor space to explore. Everything from software to new products were in display, making it the perfect opportunity to see what the “next big thing” is as well as track new trends and design ideas that we can implement here in the Wichita area.

The show is also a great opportunity to network with other builders and vendors outside our service area, but also our local Wichita Area Builders Association members as well. It was refreshing to take a few days away from office to learn and network!

Every year the Builders Show provides a wealth of knowledge that we implement into our homes. This year there seemed to be an increase in energy efficient products as well as smart home / connected home technology. Indoor air quality sensors and remediation were also big at the show and may begin to make a bigger influence into our market in the coming years. It is important for Sharp Homes to stay on top of these new features and technology so that we can keep our homeowners up-to-date on the latest available products as well.

Overall it was another successful show that had us walking nearly 30 miles over 4 days! We look forward to processing and evaluating everything that we learned about at the show and bringing it into your new home this year.