Spring Clean Your New Home

Spring Cleaning Checklist


Spring is finally here it seems, and with the rains this week the yards and trees will be greening up and blooming out. As you pack away the winter clothes and finally get the last of the salt off your car, there are things you should be cleaning around your home too. Preventative maintenance around the home is not the most fun task, but a little time now can help prevent larger problems in the future. There are multiple sources for “Spring Cleaning” lists all over the internet, but below are a few to-dos to get you started. As you walk around your property be sure and look for any areas of concern that you can fix yourself or hire a professional to remedy. After a weekend or two of sprucing up, your home and yard will be ready for the joys – and storms – of Summer!

  • Clean out and inspect gutters and downspouts for clogs/leaves. Remove any debris using gloves or a wide range of gutter cleaning tools. Check for leaks with the hose when done, and consider a guard or screen to protect your gutters from future problem.
  • Rake your lawn and flower beds to remove old and/or dead plant material so rain and sunlight can reach emerging plants. Also look up and check your trees for dead limbs that may need to be removed or limbs that may endanger your home.
  • Do a full walk around your home looking at the roof for missing shingles, siding and soffit for cracked paint or popped nails, windows for missing or damaged caulking, and brick/stone for any cracked mortar or damage.
  • Early spring is a great time to sweep out your garage and basement storage rooms before spraying for insects.
  • While in your Mechanical Room, switch out your air filter and check over your sump pump.
  • Check operable windows and doors for smooth operation and a quick clean. Check the bottom rail to ensure the drain holes (usually small pin holes in the bottom corners) are free of dirt and debris so any rain blowing through your screen can drain properly.

These few items will be a great start to your annual checklist and are well worth an hour or two on a weekend. Fertilizing your yard, prepping the pool, and getting the grill fired up are other areas you may also wish to look at. As a homeowner (or even a renter, to inform your landlord) it so so important to visually inspect your home at least twice a year! Let us know in the comments what other items you have on your checklist for your home this Spring.