How to Choose a Custom Home Builder

How to Choose a Custom Home Builder


10 Tips for Selecting the Best Builder for Your New Home

Congratulations! You’ve decided to build a new home…now what? When building a home, one of the first things home buyers realize is that there are a lot of decisions – literally hundreds of them – that need to be made throughout the process.

However, it’s important to remember that building a custom home is exciting! This is your chance to create the home of your dreams. And as an experienced Wichita home builder, Sharp Homes has your complete guide on how to choose a custom home builder. Keep reading for our insider tips.

Finding a Great Home Builder is Worth Your Time

Selecting the person to build your new home is arguably one of the most important decisions you’ll make in the entire process. After all, your home is a big investment, and the right builder can make a huge difference not only in the quality of your finished home but in the ease of the construction process. A great builder will offer you the tools and experience to guide you through the entire process. And, they’ll help you feel excited about your new home from the initial consultation all the way to moving day.

Start By Researching Home Builders in Your Area

Begin gathering names of builders in your area and create a list to work from. Look for insight into each builder’s reputation and design style. This information will help you narrow down your field of potential builders to a few strong candidates.

  • If you’re working with a local mortgage lender, ask them about their experience with any builders you’re considering.
  • Local real estate agents are a great resource when choosing a good builder.
  • Ask your friends and family if they have personal experience with a builder or if they can connect you with someone who’s worked with a builder they liked.
  • Your research will likely begin online, but don’t stop at googling “home builders”. Visit each builder’s website and social media accounts. Look for background details on the company’s history, photos of previous work, and reviews or recommendations from previous clients.
  • Check your area’s home builders’ association website to see who their members are.
  • Review the websites for the new home communities you’re considering moving into to see which builders build there.
  • Tour model homes in your area to find builders experienced with the style of home you’re looking for.

Once you’ve gathered your top 5-7 choices, use the following tips to help you decide on the right builder for your dream home.

10 Things to Look for when Choosing a New Home Builder

1. Vision

A good home builder will work to make your vision for your new home a reality. Do they build custom home designs, or will customization be an issue?

2. Experience

Look for an established builder who’s been in business for several years. This is a sign that they build quality homes. It’s also a good idea to make sure they have experience building the type of home you’re looking for.

3. Examples

Visit a builder’s model homes, if possible. There’s nothing like seeing examples of a builder’s work in person. It will give you a sense of their workmanship and whether or not they use quality materials.

4. Reviews

Read reviews from previous customers to find out how satisfied their homeowners are with the finished product and the build process. Pay special attention to how communication or delays were handled.

5. Pricing

Look for the typical price range of a builder’s new homes. Are they in line with your budget? Some builders specialize in lower-cost starter homes while others mainly build high-end luxury homes.

6. Transparency

A great home builder will do more than just build your home and send you invoices to be paid; they will be open and transparent with your plans and pricing while guiding you through the process from start to finish.

7. Communication

The right builder will make you feel comfortable asking questions and will answer them thoroughly. There should be multiple opportunities for a homeowner to ask questions and get professional, accurate answers.

8. Team

A great builder will surround themselves with an entire team dedicated to helping you build your new home. This includes their office staff, the job site superintendent, vendor partners and tradespeople.

9. Warranty

A reputable builder will stand behind their work with a workmanship warranty. Find out what type of warranties the builders you’re considering offer on their new homes.

10. Associations

Check to see if the builders are part of any local or national builders associations. Do they have a BBB record, and if so what is their rating?

Other factors to consider when choosing a builder are the places they frequently build and any awards or recognition they have received.

Meet with Your Top 3 Builders

Once you’ve narrowed your list of builders down to your top 2 or 3 choices, the next step is to schedule a meeting with each of them.

These short meetings are your chance to sit down and discuss your initial thoughts on floor plan, location and budget. You don’t need to have all the details figured out at this point; a great home builder will help you with these decisions. Bring a list of questions you have about their process.

Often the initial meeting with a builder can tell you quite a bit about how well a builder may or may not fit with your project. You can get a feel for what they can offer, whether they can meet your particular needs, and how well they communicate with you.

Choose Your Custom Home Builder

Now that you’ve researched builders in your area and met with your top choices, you’re armed with the information you need to choose a custom home builder. You can feel confident that you’re choosing the best builder for your dream home. Enjoy the rest of the process!