New Home Design Ideas

Models & Pinterest & Houzz, Oh My!


Whether or not you are thinking of building a new home or remodeling your existing one, chances are you have watched HGTV, thumbed through This Old House, or browsed home photos online at Pinterest or Houzz. Maybe all three. It is hard to not lose hours of your evening or weekend thinking of the possibilities with all of the available outlets of inspiration. If you are starting to think about a new home it can be exciting and overwhelming at the same time. With so many ideas and possibilities and cool features and new equipment it does not take long to spiral out of control. You may quickly end up with stacks of design magazines and dozens of digital Pinterest “boards” keeping track of every idea that may end up in your new home.

So where do you start?

The old adage of a picture being worth a thousand words is definitely true, and during the initial stages of designing a home it is helpful for the Sharp Homes team to use those pictures (words) to help guide the design process. More often than not, the pictures, images, and torn out pages of magazines help our homeowners express to us visually their ideas and must-haves that can often be hard for them to put into their own words. With the advent of sites like Pinterest and Houzz, it is easier to find and share the exact image that relays to us what is in your mind’s eye. There are rare cases, though, where a homeowner can be overwhelmed with the plethora of ideas and images so they just save everything. Back to the adage – if a picture is worth a thousand words, and our conversation over the design of your new home starts with 10,000 pictures, that is a lot to filter through to narrow down even a basic design or layout for a new home.

The challenge then, for us, is to work with you and guide you through the piles and pins. This can be one of the more difficult phases for a homeowner to go through as it is the point where the thoughts and dreams meet the realities of budget and other constraints. Craig and I can help by offering our advice for what may be appropriate in a given neighborhood or price range, what new ideas we have seen work or don’t work, or just simply our opinion as a sounding board. There are many ways we can get a particular look or feel for a homeowner that may be slightly different than what they had in mind, but more budget friendly. We work with you to explore the options and help you choose what works best for your situation.

Typically within a few meetings we can narrow down the scope of a new home through asking the right questions and having honest conversations. In the end, however, it is your home and we can build just about anything. The entire Sharp Homes team is willing to discuss and share our decades of experience with you and offer our insight, but ultimately it is your decision! It is important to never forget this point throughout the process.

So where to start is up to you, but we would encourage you to gather your Pinterest photos and Houzz ideas in one place, if possible, and then start making a list. What ideas are wants, what are needs, and what are would-like-to-haves? As always, our team is more than happy to join you in the process whenever you choose, and we think it is a Sharp choice to make.