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Building with Sharp Homes – What to Expect Before, During, and After Your New Home Build

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Are you thinking of building a new home and have no idea how to get the ball rolling? Whether you are ready to start moving dirt as soon as possible or planning for the future, it is helpful to understand the process of building a new home and what you can expect along the way. The below information is a summary of what to expect should you build with Sharp Homes. For a more detailed explanation of our process, please visit out website HERE.

Before New Home Construction

Before you can start building your new home there are several steps you’ll need to complete. These include choosing your builder, a floor plan, and location for your new home. There is no right or wrong order to these steps. You may have the land or lot purchased before you choose a builder, or know what builder you will use before you find a location and that is okay! You may even have the perfect floor plan designed before finding either a builder to construct it or a plot of land to put it on.

One constant through this stage, and really the entire home building process, is communication. It is vital to the success of your project to communicate to your builder your questions, requirements, and needs. It is equally important that your builder communicate back with you on budget, design, and questions they have in a timely manner.

Once you have a builder, a floor plan, and a plot of land to build on you are ready to sign a contract and start construction! This stage can take anywhere from a few weeks to a couple years, but typically is 1 to 2 months.

During New Home Construction

Once contracts are signed construction can start within 1-4 weeks, depending on your financing. As your home is being built, you will be asked for final decisions on materials and fixtures based on the budgets and allowances in your initial contract. As work progresses, you will have the opportunity to inspect your home and make sure what is being built meets your expectations. Oftentimes there will be changes requested where what is built doesn’t exactly match the plans or initial pricing. These changes come in a variety of way such as the homeowner changing their mind, encountering a previously unknown obstacle during construction, or even a supplier/vendor product change or delay and should be expected throughout construction. The builder will work with you and the applicable tradespeople to ensure the process moves smoothly.

After construction is complete you are ready to move in and enjoy your new home! Depending on the size of your home, construction typically takes 5-8 months.

After New Home Construction

Finishing construction of your home does not mean that your relationship with your builder is over, at least if you hired a good one. Most quality home builders will offer a home warranty for a set time after construction is complete, typically 1 year. They may opt to offer the warranty “in house” by their own employees, or through an independent third party. The purpose of the warranty is to ensure that everything in your new home is up to par as you live in it throughout the seasons of a full year. Often there are small items that pop up within the first year that the builder is happy to address and correct. As before, communication is vitally important between the homeowner and the builder.