Do I Need Land or a Lot Before Finding a Builder

Do I Need Land or a Lot Before Finding a Builder?

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If you are thinking about building a new home or planning for one down the road, there is plenty to think about and many ways to prepare and plan before construction begins. One of the initial questions we get when potential homeowners first sit down with us, is what they need to work on first – plans, a lot or land to build on, or finding their builder? The short answer, is that you can start with any of those three options as neither is a prerequisite to the others. We work with individuals every week who have 1 or 2 of the three or even none, and we are happy to help guide them through the rest of the process and answer all of their questions along the way.

Honestly there really is not even a preference with us or “typical” situation when getting started on a new home. You may have a specific neighborhood or part of town you want to live in, or even land you already own or have inherited to build on. We are happy to help you with the plans and layout of your home and provide general home building information as you look for your builder.

Perhaps you have been sketching drawings and accumulating pictures of design ideas you love for months or years, or love one of our model homes but aren’t sure yet where you want to build it at. In this case, we are able to connect you with the neighborhoods we are currently building in to see if there is an available lot that fits your needs, or help you look at other locations that may be suitable. Our in-house designer has the ability to place your home plans on various lots so that we can see if it fits and what you have available for landscaping, yards, etc.

If you just made the decision you are ready to build but have no idea what or where, that is okay too! We are happy to meet as many times as necessary to explain the home building process, assist in finding a lot for you to build on, and work on developing a custom floor plan that fits your wants, needs, and budget. Sharp Homes is happy to do all of this at no cost to you for the consultations. While we hope we earn your business, we want to make sure all of our homeowners are educated about the process and comfortable with the results.